RTM TV2 (TV2, formerly known as Radio Televisyen Malaysia 2 or RTM2) is a television station in Malaysia that is owned by the Malaysian Government through Radio Televisyen Malaysia.

The broadcasting of TV2 was begun in 17 November 1969 when the RTM television channel was split into two channels. It offers local and international entertainment programs, films and dramas. As one of government departments, some elements such as sex and violence are controlled.

TV2 is also available over the Astro direct broadcast satellite platform on channel 102 (formerly on channel 6, later channel 2).

TV2, the popular television station from RTM appeared with a new image and sloganYour Family Channel (Formerly known as Saluran Emas/The Golden Channel). The launch of TV2 as Your Family Channel was on August 20, 2004, after the rebranding of TV1 that was launched on August 4, 2004 when TV1 was changed to Saluran Infotainmen Anda by the former Information Minister, Datuk Paduka Abdul Kadir Sheikh Fadzir.

On April 1, 2006, TV2 was rebranded as RTM2, but its slogan remains the same; and since April 3, 2006, this channel began to broadcast in 24 hours daily, offering more programmes for viewers who stay up late to watch television.

On the 1st January 2009, RTM television stations was once again restructured by Dato' Ahmad Shabery Cheek, the current Information Minister. RTM2 was renamed back as TV2 and the new slogan "Dunia Ria" (Happy World) is currently being used. TV2 airs local and international entertainment shows, as well as dramas and movies. The restructuring was being done to ensure that RTM will be fully prepared for their digitalisation process by 2012.

As of November 2009, TV2 broadcasts news in English, Mandarin and Tamil, which were once broadcast only on TV1 in early 2009. TV2 was once broadcast news in languages mentioned before the restructuring process.

TV Pendidikan programmes were also aired through this channel from 1972 to 1999, alternate with RTM1 in the afternoon until late 1990s where it airs in the morning.

TV2 currently broadcasts under VHF (Very High) Frequency band III, although some parts of Malaysia retransmits the signal in UHF where it is normally tuned to 2. In the Klang Valley, the VHF channel for TV2 is 8, with a weaker transmission on channel 10 in certain parts of the Klang Valley. It is also available over the RTMi test DVB-T transmission over 658MHz, SID 2.

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